Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix) : Epic New Dubstep Remix from MartyParty + Minnesota Collaboration


Rolling In The Deep  is stil one of the most popular songs out and has got to be one of the most remixed tracks I've heard since Martin Solveig's 'Hello'. We posted the Ben Samples Remix a while back as well as his even more vicious VIP remix, and they both got a ton of love. This remix is as sick as the last one of not better. Deathstar is the brand new collaboration between producers Marty Party and Minnesota. This song is a preview of their new material. This song is the perfect combination of the two producers. Minnesota keeps the track very melodic while Marty Party brings the huge lead. I think Deathstar is an appropriate name for this duo because they will no doubt be destroying entire planets with their bass. Turn it up and enjoy! 

This remix has been requested to be taken down by the the artist and / or their copyright holder. Apologies for any inconvenience!