Experimental Music & Art Duo, Adult Art Club, Release Self-Titled Debut Album


Adult Art Club is a collaborative new project of Matthew Kopp of Running Touch and Zac Waters. Based in Melbourne, the duo are on a mission to create authentic music and art free of any creative limitations. Having spent the past few months teasing their full-length body of work, Adult Art Club have finally dropped their debut, self-titled album, out now via Rose Avenue Records/The Orchard.

Balancing light and dark elements, Adult Art Club effortlessly play with multi-layered production and genre-experimentation across 13 beautiful tracks. The idea was for the album to serve as one cohesive listening journey that mixes low slung, ominous vibes, soul shifting drops and crisp samples. As is the DNA of Adult Art Club, the project not only reflects the duo’s love and passion for experimentation, but also their connection to the artists and communities that have inspired the creative process.

Here’s what Matthew and Zac had to say about the project:

“This is our identity. We want to create experimental music and to connect and support the art world in every medium – this is us beginning to do those things. Every song is influenced by physical art and exploring our heritage ties to it. We hope to use this as a foundation to manifest these influences through our own gallery shows and productions fusing art and music. Musically, you can expect to hear our love for both heavy and electronic music and the influence from our musical pasts and personal histories.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Adult Art Club – ADULT ART CLUB