Adventure Club Returns with Massive Future Bass Single “Here”

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Last year, Adventure Club announced their next album, and we’ve steadily and surely received pieces of the project over the course of 2021. With every single release so far, their sophomore LP, which is currently untitled, is building up anticipation. Out now via Ultra Music is Adventure Club’s latest single “Here“.

A future bass track, “Here” provides audiences with classic Adventure Club vibes. Passionate lyrics cover Adventure Club’s mesmerizing production. Underneath the song’s feel-good vocals are custom guitar riffs and vibrant synth melodies. Beginning “Here” with an emotive introduction, Adventure Club balances the track with their signature climaxes. “Here” builds into two crazy drops and further excites audiences with a halftime switch up near the end.

An original single, “Here” points to more dope Adventure Club tunes yet to come. Take a listen to “Here” by Adventure Club now as we patiently await more news from their upcoming album. Enjoy!

Adventure Club – Here