Aer – The Brightside (Album) : Must Hear Summer Hip-Hop / Acoustic / Rock Album


Aer is back with absolutely refreshing glass of hip-hop. Aer is a that feel good feeling of Sublime or Pepper fused with a very modern twist. Hip-Hop and Rock have never came together so well. David and Carter, and making up Aer have been working on this project ever since completing the What You Need EP, and following up The Reach (Mixtape Album). This is their first debut album, and damn is it good. We featured the video for "Floats My Boat" off this album earlier, which still might be one of my favorite tracks on the album. Also included in this post is video for "Like the Way", another great track on the album. "Songbird", "Few Times", and "Medina" stood out as some of my favorite tracks on the album. Purchase through iTunes, stream below, enjoy! Also follow Aer through Facebook.

Aer – The Brightside (Album) | Purchase through iTunes

Aer – Songbird

Aer – Few Times

Aer – Medina (Remastered)

Aer – Like The Way

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