After 8 Year Hiatus, Scottish Producer Rustie is Set for a Comeback


Scottish producer Rustie, after nearly a decade, appears to be on his way back to the music scene.

Rustie is slated for a performance in May at a brand new London festival, Project 6. The festival will feature a stage takeover by one of London’s most cutting-edge nightclubs, fabric. Rustie is billed as part of the takeover, along with fellow Warp Records affiliate Hudson Mohawke, as well as Channel Tres and Calibre.

There is also a new set of social media accounts for Rustie. Using the new handle @rustie808, he has set himself up for a fresh start on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Posted in the bio of each account is simply a description that reads “soon.” On his Instagram account, he shared the flyer for Project 6 on his story.

Just a couple of months ago, Rustie made an appearance at Sub Club in Glasgow, where he played his first public live set in five years.

Rustie first burst onto the electronic music scene with his experimental, maximalist sound around 2010 with his acclaimed Sunburst EP on Warp Records. He wasted no time becoming a mainstay on the prolific left-field label, dropping three albums over the course of five years: Glass SwordsGreen Language, and EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE.

Shortly following the release of his last album in 2015, Rustie canceled all of his shows and deleted his social media. He announced that he was stepping away from the industry in a post on Facebook, citing “addiction and mental health problems.” Rustie has poked his head up only a couple of times since then.

While there is still yet to be an official announcement from Rustie himself, we can still at least look forward to seeing him perform at Project 6 in May.