Ahadadream Teams Up with Skrillex on Entrancing Dance Track “TAKA” with Priya Ragu

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What a collaboration we have for you today! Rising producer, Ahadadream, teams up with none other than Skrillex to deliver his uniquely memorable dance track, “TAKA.” With vocals from Tamil-Swiss artist, Priya Ragu, there is so much to love about this exciting collaboration.

Priya Ragu’s hypnotic vocals capture our attention from start to finish on “TAKA.” Ahadadream and Skrillex cleverly sample her voice to create syncopated rhythms and addictive hooks, playing into the danceability of the track with lively percussion accents.  The breakdown at 1:32 allows listeners to take a moment to reset from the previous drop, giving “TAKA” the perfect opportunity to take off into its final, high-energy section.

You can stream “TAKA” at the link below. Enjoy!

Ahadadream, Priya Ragu, Skrillex – TAKA