Gifted Producer Airmow Stuns with New Melodic Banger “HALLUCINATION,” Alongside LissA


If you haven’t yet heard of Parisian producer Airmow, his newest single “HALLUCINATION” with German singer LissA is the perfect introduction. The track previews the release of his upcoming mini-album DYSTOPIE, and this is just one of several singles we can’t stop listening to.

The dark energy and bass in this track are perfectly matched with LissA’s sultry vocals. The song begins with ominous synths that build into a high-tempo beat. With haunting melodies and unpredictable shifts in rhythm, it definitely inspires the feeling of being lost in another dimension. LissA had this to say on the vibes they created on this track:

The song centers around that sense of feeling lost and unreal in this world, as if you were trapped in another reality and just can’t find your way out. And that’s reflected in, of course, the song’s title, but also in the feeling that the song evokes—a dark, uneasy energy and environment, while also feeling chill and laid-back at the same time — another feeling one can have while in a hallucination, so to speak.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Airmow’s album release towards the end of this month. In the meantime, you can stream his latest production below. Enjoy!

Airmow – HALLUCINATION (feat. LissA)