AK Embraces The Beauty In Life’s Flaws With His New Album, ‘Imperfections’

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bitbird’s newest recruit, AK, has made a lane for himself in the world of introspective, emotionally-fueled electronic music. The German producer already has five full-length projects under his belt and is ready to add to his portfolio with his newest album, Imperfections.

As the title suggests, the album is all about embracing your Imperfections and highlights the ideas of living in the present. AK uses the 12-track project as an homage to the irregularities of nature and life and just how magical they can be. Sonically, he weaves in and out of ambient textures, delicate rhythms, melodic orchestrations, lightly vocal-led, and downtempo-woven soundscapes to tell his story.

With the world in such disarray, AK’s album is a beacon of positivity and hope which is something I’m sure we can all use more of these days. Stream the full album below and enjoy!

AK – Imperfections