AKTHESAVIOR & sagun Join Forces on Inspiring Hip-Hop Single “No Scars”

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It’s Thanksgiving week and we thought it would be nice to ease into the holiday with some solid new hip-hop. AKTHESAVIOR, a member of The Underachievers, and lofi producer sagun have teamed up on a brand-new single “No Scars,” out now via Platoon.

AK and sagun live on opposite ends of the planet, AK being from Brooklyn and sagun being from Nepal, but managed to form a strong bond, sharing ideas via Facetime before eventually meeting in-person in LA. Thus, “No Scars” was born, centered around finding connection with yourself and others in an increasingly difficult world.

Here’s what AK had to say about the track,

““Around the time of creating ‘No Scars,’ I had a series of things that were happening in my life. I had just got into a car accident, I felt betrayed by someone I trusted, the world news was relentlessly negative. It felt like there was a bunch of cynicism and obstacles in my life that I was reflecting on. This song became the solution for the issues I was going through. sagun and I created it to help anyone listening that might be trapped in a certain state of mind. Sometimes our problems are really within the way we think, and how we process the situations we go through.”

“No Scars” is part of AK & sagun’s forthcoming joint album, which is set for release early in 2024. Stream the track below and enjoy!

AKTHESAVIOR & sagun – No Scars

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