Alex Cecil Gives Dude Skywalker’s “Parallax” a Dynamic Techno Remix 


About a month ago, Dude Skywalker came out with a bouncy indie dance track titled “Parallax” on Deep Playa Records. But that was not the end of it, as he just recently released a few remixes of the song done by some talented names in dance music. One of them, crafted by New Yorker Alex Cecil, has especially caught our ear.    

For Cecil’s remix of the track, he takes the tempo and puts it into overdrive. There is tantalizing bass and percussion in the intro, and then once the synths enter, you can hear Cecil tap into the very roots of techno. The song has a frenzied, relentless force, with a festival-sized build-up and anthemic drop with an ending that packs a powerful punch. 

You can stream his version of “Parallax” below and check out his music page here. Enjoy!

Dude Skywalker – Parallax (Alex Cecil Snowbird Remix)