Alex Lustig Creates an Ambient Wonderland on New Single “Fade” with Sølv

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First listening to ambient music as a way to deal with his anxiety, producer, Alex Lustig, has come a long way in his pursuit of tranquility. Releasing his debut album, Fate, in October of last year, the budding artist plans to enhance his recent release with a brand new complimentary album, Fate (B- Sides)Fade” is his first single from the forthcoming venture.

A delicate vocal performance from Sølv immediately establishes the peaceful ambience of “Fade,” lightly cascading over filtered chords and a deep kick. Flexing his production prowess, Lustig is able to achieve impressive dynamic contrast through so few elements, adding and removing instruments to take the listener on an atmsopheric journey.

Alex shared his thoughts on the new track, adding:

My goal is to always add depth to whatever sound I’m trying to create, to get lost in that world. ‘Fade’ is an introspective glimpse into the insecurities of a relationship and the way love makes you vulnerable. It encompasses the duality of fear and faith, two polar opposites which are both experienced simultaneously when you open your heart.

You can stream “Fade” at the link below. Enjoy!

Alex Lustig – Fade (ft. Sølv)