Alex Lustig Shares Dreamy Sophomore LP ‘Fate (B-Sides)’

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Alex Lustig has quickly become one of our favorite chill-electronic producers. His combination of serene soundscapes and soothing beats always hits us right in the feels. Following the exciting release of his debut album, Fate, in 2022, Alex now shares his sophomore LP, Fate (B-Sides).

Fate (B-Sides) is a beautiful demonstration of an artist embracing their full range of creativity. While these tracks may be referred to as “B-sides” from Alex’s debut album, the LP stands alone as a dynamic and cohesive body of work. Standout track, “Snow In The Distance,” balances ethereal synths with crispy, bright percussion, accentuating Lustig’s focus on giving “a more upbeat spin” to his previous LP.

Alex commented on the release, saying:

Fate is a project about self love, finding yourself, going through traumas, anxieties, happiness, sadness and all the emotions and experiences we face as humans in our lifetime. Fate is your destiny. As I grow I believe everything I go through has its purpose in my life and personal growth. It’s all part of my destiny.  This album is inspired by all these thoughts.

You can stream Fate (B-Sides) at the link below, out everywhere via Pyur Beats. Enjoy!

Alex Lustig – Fate (B-Sides)