Alison Wonderland Shares 27 Remixes Of “Messiah” With M-Phazes In One Seamless TeamSupreme Mix

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Near the end of 2016, Alison Wonderland shared her "Messiah" collaboration with M-Phazes. The original track comes packed with energy and is driven by crisp percussion, an infectious vocal melody and a pluck-based bassline. She recently teamed up with TeamSupreme to host a remix competition for the single and has now compiled her favorites into one awesome 30-minute mix.

"I teamed up with @beatteamsupreme to give producers the chance to flip my latest single with M-PHAZES, "Messiah." 300+ producers sent back 1-min remixes and TeamSupreme mixed together 27 of the best ones from unknown bedroom producers and some special guests including AWE, swindail, Slumberjack, great dane & a snippet of Lidos new remix." — Alison Wonderland

At the very end of the mix, you'll hear Lido's incredible remix of the song. He sings on the track as well and simply nails it. We wish it wasn't only a small clip, but hopefully he'll release the full version soon. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Alison Wonderland X M-Phazes "F*** Me(ssiah) Up On A Spiritual Level" TeamSupreme Cypher

Artists on this week's cypher:
0:00-0:55 @awe
0:55-2:04 @neofresco
2:04-3:12 @snufmusic
3:12-4:20 @chattytrees
4:20-5:14 @andravida
5:14-6:24 @auralponic
6:24-7:20 @swindail
7:20-8:42 @tsuruda
8:42-9:36 @cambotmusic
9:36-10:46 @samnezz
10:46-11:40 @flyingsquirrelbeats
11:40-13:02 @officialjupe
13:02-14:04 @nukumachi
14:04-14:58 @slumberjack
14:58-15:26 @taskerthetasker
15:26-16:50 @grrrreatdane
16:50-17:46 @svberbeats
17:46-18:54 @kianzohoury
18:54-19:52 @mrmph
19:52-21:14 @fekibeats
21:14-22:20 @davidkimmusic
22:20-23:02 @thingstoimproveupon 
23:02-24:06 @jabair
24:06-25:16 @takefivemusic 
25:16-26:26 @miscenemy
26:26-27:20 @boltex
27:20-fin @lidogotsongs