Alison Wonderland Warns Of The “Bad Things” In Vibrant New Single

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Its been a minute since we’ve heard from internationally renowned producer, Alison Wonderland. Today, the Australian superstar returns with the release of her first solo material of 2020, a foreboding tidal wave of a tune titled “Bad Things,” as well as a vibrant accompanying music video.

While we first got a taste of the new single in her virtual Lollapalooza set, the final product is even better than we remember. A calm, introspective verse opens the song, Alison’s trademark voice leading us the whole way through. As she reflects and warns, “Don’t fall in love with the bad things,” buzzing saws transform into rapidly cascading synths tumbling around like spiraling thoughts in a trapped anxious mind.

Another epic track, another day in the office for Alison Wonderland. We’d be hard pressed to find a song of her’s we didn’t like, and it doesn’t look like that will start today. Stream Alison Wonderland’s new single, “Bad Things,” below. Enjoy!

Alison Wonderland – Bad Things