Gary Richards’s New Brand AMF Announces All My Friends Music Festival Dates & Location


Hype continues to build around Gary Richards’ (Destructo) new brand, AMF. Just last month Gary and AMF sold out their new festival cruise, Friendship, in what seemed like seconds. In the spirit of keeping the ball rolling, it was officially announced today that All My Friends Music Festival (which was discussed in our interview with him back in February), will be taking place in downtown Los Angeles on August 18 and 19.

It’s clear that Richards is pulling out all the stops for this fresh new brand. The dance music mogul managed to score an epic location for the festival, ROW DTLA. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, ROW DTLA is large creative space with an industrial backdrop of LA’s former major produce market that is updated with gardens, shady trees and plazas, which will make for a unique spot for a city music festival.

There has not been a lineup announcement just yet, but prepare for a bill full of the hottest names in R&B, Hip-Hop, and of course, electronic dance music. Per their press release, the lineup should be out within “the coming weeks.”

With AMF’s first two events being an east coast festival cruise and a two-day music festival in Los Angeles, it’s clear that Gary Richards is buckling down to compete with his former brand, HARD Events (Holy Ship, HARD Summer). If we learned anything so far about this new competition, it’s that Richards’ loyal fanbase believes in his vision and direction for AMF, and that we can expect something even bigger and better than HARD Summer for All My Friends Music Festival.