Alt Indie Group Collective Fear Deliver Smoky Nostalgia on New Track “White Gloves”


There’s something in the air putting us in the mood to listen to indie rock music. Luckily for us, we stumbled upon the emerging LA-based band Collective Fear. They don’t have a ton of music out, but they deliver exactly what we’re looking for on their latest release “White Gloves.”

“White Gloves” features some gritty drumming, hazy guitar riffs, and heavy distortion. They mellow out the rock vibe by adding some washed-out reverb effects. The overall vibe of the track makes us nostalgic for the first concerts we ever went to. It conjures up memories of dancing in small crowded venues, adrenaline surging as you sing along to the chorus at the top of your lungs.

This song is part of a longer EP Collective Fear put out last week, called Foster. If you’re digging this song, make sure to check out the rest. You can stream “White Gloves” using the link below. Enjoy!

Collective Fear – White Gloves