German Duo Ameli Paul Release Captivating Electronica EP ‘Beyond Reason’


Fans of the xx’s understated but trippy production and vocals will love Beyond Reason, the new EP from Cologne, Germany duo Ameli Paul.

The band is the result of Ameli and Paul meeting while touring on the festival circuit as separate acts years ago. Mutual admiration for each other’s sound led them to jamming together and realizing they were on to something.

The COVID pandemic forced them to halt their busy touring schedule, and the two dark and moody tracks of this EP (accompanied by a remix) serve as the perfect soundtrack for the emotional journey of confronting your demons while being forced to stay at home.

“Open Fire,” is a tension filled song with reverberating synth accompanying Ameli’s sultry vocals. Titular “Beyond Reason,” is a melancholic track which sees the group work through their emotions, trying to find hope. Rounding out the EP is a remix by Aera, from Berlin label Innervisions, who transforms “Beyond Reason” into a deep, glitchy electronica track ready for the dance floor.

Out now on their new imprint Meiosis, you can check out this captivating EP below. Enjoy!

Ameli Paul – Beyond Reason EP