Anddrop! – Pow Wow (Original Mix) : Funky Electro House Original [Free Download] [TSIS PREMIERE]


Say hello to Anddrop!, a DJ duo who has been tranplanted from Cape Town, South Africa to the bay area and been making some great productions. Their sound is the culmination of years experimentation leavin us with a funky spin on electro house. Fresh off releasing their latest EP they wanted to pass out an exciting free track, "Pow Wow", a funky flavored electro house original with catch melody that will sneak up on you.

They also just recently dropped a 3-track Boogaloo EP featuring 3 experiemental electro house tracks which got released through Beatport. They have been nice enough for us to stream the whole thing below.  Enjoy!

Anddrop! – Pow Wow (Original Mix)  | Facebook Download | Alternate Download

Anddrop! – Boogaloo EP | Beatport

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