Anderson .Paak & KAYTRANADA Have A ‘Tape’ Together

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Anderson .Paak just leaked some very important news. During an Instagram livestream this evening, he remotely invited KAYTRANADA into his session to play him the newest version of a track they have together. After grooving hard to the undeniable bop (a tune we’ve been praying sees the light of day soon) and thanking KAYTRA for stopping in, he says farewell by yelling “let’s drop that tape!”

Anderson would only say such a thing if the two in fact were sitting on an unreleased project. All we knew at the time was that the two had another collab that was done and hopefully was being released soon. Apparently, these two have much more than just another track, they have enough for a whole “tape.”

We were able to capture the moment via screen recording, however the quality of the stream wasn’t quite top-notch. You can still very clearly hear Anderson .Paak mentioning the project near the end.