PREMIERE | Downtempo Gurus Andrew Rothschild & Edamame Link on Exotic Single “Distilled”

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Andrew Rothschild and Edamame are no strangers to each other’s work. They’ve been label mates at Loci Records and have even remixed each other’s music. However, the two have never actually released music together until now. Coming to us via Gravitas Recordings, “Distilled” showcases the best of both producers.

“Distilled” is a lesson in patience. Rothschild and Edamame really show us the power of gradually introducing new sounds to create a meditative ambiance. Upon first listen, we’re hit with a powerful wave of hand pan, which dominates the song’s melody. They also weave an exotic, undulating vocal chop to lace through the melody. As the song progresses, we slowly meet swells of strings, soft percussion, and even a subtle bass line. The overall effect is equal measures tranquil and beautiful.

Here’s what Rothschild had to say about the duo’s first collaboration:

We both have this approach to music where the way we organize our drums and weave together elements creates an auditory experience that ungrounds people. Our stuff is just organized usually to help people float away — not grasp on to any familiar drum beat.

 We’re lucky to offer you an exclusive premiere of this track until it’s released everywhere on Friday. You can check it out below. Enjoy!

Andrew Rothschild & Edamame – Distilled