Andrew Rothschild Soars on Enigmatic, Genre-Blurring Banger, “Trees Float”

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One artist from the realm of downtempo that continues to keep us on the edge of our seats is the Denver-based Andrew Rothschild. As a mainstay on Emancipator’s tastemaking label, Loci Records, Rothschild has been regularly delivering spacey, melodic vibes, and he’s recently shared another. The steadily rising producer is in the midst of the rollout of his second album, New Leaf, and he’s whisked us into another vivid dreamworld with his latest single, “Trees Float.”

This one starts off with a mysterious and intoxicating synth loop and haunting vocals. Before you can orient yourself within this soundscape, a wave of sub-bass descends and crashes upon you. We’re loving the heavy low-end sounds here paired with the dark but ethereal melodies. Rothschild then goes on to introduce more instruments, letting the concept of the track grow and flourish before it comes to a close.

You can stream the new Andrew Rothschild single “Trees Float” below. His new album, New Leaf, will be out later this fall. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Andrew Rothschild – Trees Float