British Jazz-Electronica Duo Anushka Release Irresistible New Track “Brave”


It’s April, Spring is finally here, and Anushka have the perfect new song to celebrate the oncoming warmth, an infectious new track called “Brave”.

Anushka is composed of British vocalist Victoria Port and producer Max Wheeler, who have been working together for over 10 years. Their synergy is on full display here.

“Brave” is a future soul and electronica song filled with uplifting sax, and a beat that leaves the dancefloor beckoning. Port’s silky vocals glide over the groovy production from Wheeler, describing the process of hyping yourself to be brave. The breakdown of the track is undeniably jazzy and bouncy, reminiscent of a KAYTRANADA track, who the duo played alongside at a festival.

In addition to their latest track, Anushka have announced their next album called Yemaya will be coming June 25 through Tru Thoughts Recordings. You can check out “Brave” below. Enjoy!

Anushka – Brave