Aonian Combines Contemporary Electronica & Greek Folk on Self-Titled Debut Album

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We’ve been building the hype for Aonian for some time now. Since discovering his unique sound, we have been eager to hear more of his self-titled debut album. The day we’ve been waiting for has finally come, as he dropped the record on Wednesday.

This collection of music is so much more than just songs; it feels like stories. Aonian manages to mesh old-school instruments from Greek history with contemporary electronic elements into a beautiful blend. He employs the use of ancient string instruments like a Qanun, oud, klasik kemece, and a Lya, and then adds spacey techno production underneath. Standout tracks include “Hideout” and “Separation”, which feature impressive piano sections, and we’re loving the exhilarating drums and production in “Storm.” This is definitely something that needs to be listened to from start to finish with no skips or pauses.

Here is what Aonian said about the record:

I wanted the music to flow freely whilst including lots of details and intricacies, and allow the listener to re-discover every track as they come back to it.

You can listen to the album below. Enjoy!

Aonian – Aonian