Arkane Skye Crafts Melancholic Yet Uplifting Indie R&B Tune “Bittersweet”


Not much is known about Arkane Skye, the crooning indie songwriter, musician, and producer taking the internet by storm. He’s been quietly releasing his signature brand of moody R&B gems since 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His latest offering, “Bittersweet,” follows this melancholic trend while touching upon very relatable feelings of regret.

The guitar-focused production creates an almost indie rock feel before Arkane’s melodic styled singing comes in, giving the song a more sultry presence. Glittering synths and plucking guitar riffs all work together to offer both uplifting and calming energies at once. Arkane’s ability to craft indie pop with some darker flavors is just one reason why he’s an emerging artist to keep your eye on.

Stream “Bittersweet” below and enjoy!

Arkane Skye – Bittersweet