Armin van Buuren Debuts New Song In Drinking Experiment Video

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Armin Van Buuren DMNDS
Armin van Buuren debuts a new song "Save my Night" in an interesting new drinking experiment video sponsored by Heineken. A club is taken over for 2 nights at the same location in Miami, Florida, with the first night having an unknown DJ, and the second night having Armin ban Buuren play an intimate set without anyone knowing it’s him. The total amount of beers being drank is recorded throughout the night by a special mechanism setup right by the bartenders tracking every single beer server throughout both nights. The first night with the unknown DJ playing, the crowd purchases over 1000 beers. The second night where the king himself Arming comes on, the count of beers served barely manages to break 600 almost half the amount from the night before. It is seriously surprising at how much more you can drink if there happens to be a DJ that is able to really pull you in their engaging live set.

It's also even more surprising, yet at the same time kind of cool that Heineken would actually take such a strong stance promoting the fact that when you are experiencing the best DJ, and having some of the best times, you might actually drink less of their product. A bold yet effective move showing that the company is not just concerned with selling the numbers but cares about safety, good times and experiences. Heineken has definitely made some strong strategic moves aligning themselves with lots of Electronic brands from festivals to DJs and it seems to be working quite well. What's your thoughts on an alcohol brand promoting something that shows less of their product being consumed. Follow the conversation #DMDS

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