Arthur Martinelli Drops A Late Night Stomper With “Midnight”


It’s getting into the thick of the evening. You’ve been at the club for an hour or two now. You start to notice your legs feeling a little heavy, maybe your feet are a little sore, you haven’t stopped dancing since you walked in. What time is it, you wonder. Maybe I need to take a break. Just as you’re about to leave the dance floor, the clock—and our newest addition to the site Arthur Martinelli—strike “Midnight,” and any sense of fatigue has been vaporized.

It doesn’t take much more than the proper design of a rolling sub line and some sense-tingling fills to make a red hot banger, and while that may sound simple, the proper execution eludes a strong majority of producers. However, Martinelli gives us all the evidence needed to prove he’s not in the strong majority of producers. “Midnight” is 100% pure, addictive, stimulating, sweat-dripping, ass-shaking, foot-stomping tech house and has the ability to call even the most reluctant of party-goers to the center of the dance floor.

You’ll undoubtedly be hearing this track bumping in a club near you soon, just remember you heard it here first at TSIS. Stream Arthur Martinelli’s new track, “Midnight,” below. Enjoy!

Arthur Martinelli – “Midnight”