Australian Producer Arthur Wimble Unveils Synth-Laden Single “Love’s So Dumb”


Coming to your ears from all the way from Australia is this enticing new track by Arthur Wimble. The minimalist electronic composer has spent the last few years churning out emotive singles, and this latest one is on the same wavelength. “Love’s So Dumb” is a dynamic downtempo tune about the guilt of falling out of love because of someone else that came out last week.

The way that the song’s simplistic production and the washed-out singing mesh is masterful. There are light chords and flickering synths, creating an expressive analog backdrop for the wispy, smooth vocals. Together, the sounds have a melancholic complexity, sounding both soft and hard at the same time, and all while maintaining an exciting beat.

Give this intricate track a listen below. Enjoy!

Arthur Wimble – Love’s So Dumb