A$AP Rocky Shares New Song “Bad Company” Ft. Drake Collaborator BlocBoy JB

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A$AP Rocky has been “testing” out new songs lately on his SoundCloud and just dropped a new one on us. The past couple songs were really raw and just didn’t do it for us or many of his fans according to the comments on his uploads. His new song “Bad Company” brings on recent Drake collaborator BlocBoy JB and is the latest in the series of loose songs he’s uploaded to SoundCloud.

This one is certainly sounding like a more complete song than the past couple he’s shared but it still lacks the full punch from what you’d want from a A$AP Rocky album single. He’s been teasing his album for over six months, but has recently shared the news that his project is finished. He keeps teasing branding around “testing” but its unclear if that’s his new project or if he’s literally just testing out new sounds. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!