Asher Roth & Nottz Raw – The Rawth Ep: Too Sick Chill Hip-Hop EP

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Here's some really sick new Asher. Now I know he got some hate a few months back, but I've been a fan the whole time. I never looked at Asher as more lyrically talented then some of the best, but he's got a unique style of rapping, that's different from all other white rapper. He's not as hard as Eminem, yet isn't the party rapper like Sam Adams. Whatever it is, I enjoy listening, and The Rawth Ep is too sick. It's a collab between Asher and producer/rapper  Nottz Raw. I hadn't heard much about Nottz before this, and damn he is talented, both rapping and producing. All the beats have that really clean, well composed, organic hip-hop sound. You don't hear much electronic influence in this whole Ep, all underground sounding hip-hop beats. Both rappers kill it throughout, and I'm a new fan of Nottz Raw for sure. Download the entire thing or check out the sampling, enjoy!

Download The Entire The Rawth EP Here

★ COMIN' & GOIN' – Asher Roth & Nottz Raw ft. rhymefest | Download

COMIN' & GOIN' f. rhymefest

Gotta Get Up – Asher Roth & Nottz Raw | Download

Gotta Get Up

Enforce The Law – Asher & Nottz Raw | Download

Enforce The Law

★ In My Mind – Asher Roth & Nottz Raw | Download

In My Mind

P.S. who likes when I use ★'s to show extra sick tracks on mixtapes?

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