ASTN Shines On Slick Indie-Pop Jam “What’s It Gonna Take”


If you haven’t heard of ASTN yet, you’re late to the game. The singer/songwriter/instrumentalist has the kind of talent that makes him a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow up. He’s been crafting a sweet indie-pop sound the past few years, and his latest single “What’s It Gonna Take” shows the fruits of his labor. It’s out now, in anticipation of his third EP coming this week. 

“What’s It Gonna Take” is a syrupy and sweet groove that put both his voice and his guitar and piano skills on display. His charming croon wavers over the strumming chords and a wavy, vibey bassline. The whole thing is absolute flames, with a mature soulful feel and yet an indie boyishness at the same time. 

Stream the song below, and stay tuned for the five-track project It’s Not That Serious, which is sure to be just as fire. Enjoy!

ASTN – What’s It Gonna Take