AstroLizard Says It’s The “Year of the Lizard” On Funky Bass Single


AstroLizard is a quickly rising anonymous producer who’s been having a monstrous breakout year. The alien-like reptile already has a number of releases on reputable labels like WAKAAN and MorFlo Records and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Today, he’s making his TSIS debut with his latest self-released single “Year of the Lizard.”

AstroLizard’s productions lean fully into their otherworldly persona with a mixture of extraterrestrial bass and funky melodies spanning the farthest corners of electronic music. Beautiful synth and horn melodies meet dark, ethereal basslines to get across one very important message: this is the “Year of the Lizard.”

Stream the track below and enjoy!

AstroLizard – Year of the Lizard