Atmosphere: One of the sickest rappers in the game (Entire FREE ep + 1 Bonus Song)


Alright, now most of you are already aware of the duo of Slug and Ant popularly known as Atmosphere, and if you're not you most definitely should be. Today I've got a lesser known song as well as the entire EP released last summer for free that most people didn't even hear about. Well first up is a song not on the free EP, but on another lesser known title Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 which was released back in 07'. The track is called Sunshine and it is one of the happiest sounding Atmosphere songs out. I'm sure the majority of you all will like this song a good amount.

Atmosphere – Sunshine

Atmosphere – Sunshine.mp3

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So the free EP that was released is called Leak At Will and that is exactly what I will do. Instead of downloading a zip file I've got all the songs separated out below so you can pick and choose the ones you like. Be sure to listen to them all, especially if you're a fan of Atmosphere. Well I've put them up out of order, and starting with my favorite off the EP "Millie Fell off the Fire Escape".

Atmosphere – Millie Fell off the Fire Ecscape

Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape

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Next off the EP is "They Always Know" and it's one of the slower tracks on here. It's got a very slowed down beat, but Slug's rapping is sick as always, if this slower style isn't for you try some of the others as they have a lot more energy.

Atmosphere – They Always Know

They Always Know

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Third on this ep is "C'mon" which I believe is supposed to be the "single" of the ep. To start off it's got a lot more energy and really captures the raw Slug rapping style, reminds me a lot of some older Atmosphere albums, but with a very modern sounding beat.

Atmosphere – C'mon


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This next track has got one of those unique off-beat beats that just make you wanna listen to the song again and again. It's called "Mother's Day" and has got a lot more serious of a tone compared some of the others on this EP, but Slug sounds very passionate and genuine with his words as usual. Such a sick beat, just listen and enjoy it.

Atmosphere – Mother's Day

06 Mother's Day

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Alright next up is the "Feel Good Hit of the Summer 2", which involves Slug  rapping about most substances people take such as Coke, Alcohol, Ecstasy, and more and his take on them all. It reminds me of Tech N9ne a little bit, and has a unique sounding chill beat. It's definitely not an award winning track, but there is something about it that stands out, it's definitely worth a listen, at least for a laugh, haha.

Atmosphere – Feel Good Hit of the Summer 2

Feel Good Hit of the Summer 2

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This song has got the signature story style that Atmosphere is known for. It talks about a younger kid who's getting caught up in the drug scene and then moves on to himself, interesting and surprisingly not too serious. Well I'm sure some will enjoy it.

Atmosphere – The Ropes

03 The Ropes

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Lastly we've got "White Noise" which has got a very legit chill beat, and cool chorus. It doesn't sound like many Atmosphere songs I've heard, a very upbeat background beat. It comes together and makes for a nice song. Hope you enjoy all these other songs, and don't worry I'm gonna be posting some other Atmosphere as they've got well over 15 albums, mixtapes, etc. Let me know what you think of these, and I also got some new ads put in under the "Support our Sponsors" tab on the right, do me the favor of clicking and supporting the ads to help offset the costs of this site, thanks and enjoy!

Atmosphere – White Noise

04 White Noise

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