Hear A$AP Rocky’s Must Hear New Single “A$AP Forever” Sampling A Classic Moby Song


A$AP Rocky has shared a new song “A$AP Forever” after appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and performing the song there. With his new album finished, it feels safe to assume this new song is off his highly anticipated forthcoming album as it’s definitely a step above his other recent releases. 

This new song is characterized by a prevalent sample of Moby’s classic song “Porcelain” everyone will recognize. During his live performance he performed a medley including a second track “Distorted Records” taking a much more abrasive direction than “A$AP Forever.” The performance was elaborate and was filled with the “testing” branding we’ve seen surrounding this album rollout. HE started the performance in a bed and put on quite the show. Enjoy!

A$AP Rocky – A$AP Forever