Autograf Shares Anthemic Single “Over The Sea” with Johanson

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Sometimes, our favorite songs are created in the weirdest of ways. Autograf‘s newest single, “Over The Sea,” came to fruition in an abandoned Berlin airport on a stormy day. Today, we hear the final product, as the single releases on Armada Music to wide acclaim.

An anthemic vocal introduces the track, quickly breaking into an upbeat, dance-forward drop. “Over The Sea” is the eighth collaboration between Autograf and vocalist, Johanson. Johanson’s powerful vocal delivery couples with Autograf’s dynamic productions to create truly memorable, impactful tracks, “Over The Sea” showcasing their prowess as collaborators.

Autograf commented on the writing process, sharing:

Writing this track made us feel like we were in a lighthouse during a storm. We were talking about the feeling of longing you experience when looking out over the sea, trying to see beyond the storm to the horizon, and the sensation of flying over it to paradise beyond. The sea can be blissful and terrifying at the same time – just like the feeling of being in love. This record should be listened to when you’re at a point of departure, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical.

You can stream “Over The Sea” at the link below, out everywhere via Armada Music. Enjoy!

Autograf & Johanson – Over The Sea