[PREMIERE] Autolaser Delivers Must Hear Cinematic Single “NAIKIRA” Off Bitbird’s ‘Gouldian Finch 2’ Compilation


Both Autolaser and San Holo’s label Bitbird have had their fair share of coverage on TSIS, and deservingly so. Now we’re happy to be premiering Autolaser’s new track “NAIKIRA” via Bitbird’s approaching Gouldian Finch 2 Compilation.

"I felt the song deserved a personally name, which ended up with Naikira. During the record takes (yes, i play & record most of my instruments) i played with different chords on my guitar. I recorded it on a tape recorder and just started to jam along with a Juno106 (strings, bass, lead). And when the vocal was done it was just the structure left, which has a non-pop structure. Everything is arranged after a "intro" feeling, like a interlude for a classic movie. Outro fades out, which gives you a  feeling that you want to go back and listen again. Everything was recorded on a early spring morning, which is my fav time in a day to record. Hope you enjoy Naikira as much as i do." - Autolaser

Oslo-based Autolaster is someone who always seems to blow me away. His productions are always diverse and utilize many different sounds and instruments. Once again the sound design is next level. “NAIKIRA” is an epic song right off the bat and sounds like a cinematic 80s sci-fi soundtrack or something. The many layers come in right off the bat with blaring synths, spacey textures and basslines, with bright distorted chimes and soft vocal samples carrying the emotional track throughout. Be sure to check out the stacked Gouldian Finch 2 Compilation. 

Autolaser – NAIKIRA