Autumn In June Releases 80’s Inspired Indie Electronic Single “I Guess Its Cool To Be Lonely”


Up-and-coming indie-electronic artist Autumn In June has been making waves with his modern take on synthpop and keeps the music flowing with, "I Guess It’s Cool To Be Lonely". The single follows up his incredibly catchy tune "Take Flight".

Autumn's latest cut embraces the 80s vibe to a tee and mentions the song was inspired by "80's thriller movie soundtracks." The song kicks off with fluorescent arpeggiated synths before switching to silky, yet distorted, guitar riff that holds just the right amount of funk. This is shortly paired with a driving kick drum and clapping snare that sets the stage for Autumn’s sedated vocals, tying everything together. Stay tuned for more from this exciting new artist. Enjoy!

Autumn In June – I Guess It's Cool To Be Lonely | Free Download

Autumn In June I Guess It