AVELLO Wields Nightmarish Bass In Mysterious New Track, “Dreaming”


What do dreams sound like? I guess that might depend on the dream. Some might have a bright and bubbly soundtrack, others might be intensely discombobulated. Some might even have latin music in the background. If you’ve ever had a strangely enigmatic dream that teetered on the realm of reality, odds are this new track would have fit like a glove. Florida up-and-comer, AVELLO, makes his TSIS debut with a cryptic new bass track titled, “Dreaming.”

Anesthetizing tones are suspended in the air from beat one, readying listeners for the plunge they are about to take. The flowing waves of bass seep into the forefront and gives solace to the impending chimes, while minimalist percussion skitters about. Welcome to this new state, the fringe of dreams and reality.

Stream AVELLO’s new single, “Dreaming,” below. Enjoy!

AVELLO – Dreaming