Official Biography About Avicii’s Life Published & Out Now

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In Tim Bergling’s 28 years of life, he did more than most music producers could ever dream of achieving. The DJ’s insane successes and secret struggles that eventually led to his untimely death are now being detailed in a new book that Avicii fans will cherish. Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii was released this week, and it’s a poignant look into the legend’s life.

The novel was written by Swedish author Måns Mosesson, who used interviews with those closest to Bergling and “paints an honest picture” of both his personal and professional worlds in the 400-something pages. Mosesson set it up so that proceeds from every purchase go towards the Tim Bergling Foundation, which his family started as a charity to prevent suicide.

It is sure to be a great read for not only those who loved his music and still grieve his loss, but for anyone who wants a special look into the extraordinary lifestyle that came with being Avicii. The story of Tim’s rise to fame and subsequent drive to end his life is an emotional journey that will pull on the heartstrings of anyone who picks it up. This could be a great holiday gift for those in your EDM circle, or even for yourself!

It’s on sale here.