Avicii Will Posthumously Treat Fans To His Final Album ‘TIM’

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It’s always tough to figure out what to do when an artist passes away. His death was something that impacted electronic music fans everywhere, but the people who were closest to Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, have figured out a way to honor him in an amazing way.

At the time of his passing, Tim had 16 songs that he had narrowed down for his next release. Many of them, however, were still works in progress. His family eventually decided to meet with record label representatives and they agreed to put together an album that would be released posthumously. There was one significant hurdle however: with most of these songs unfinished, how could they get them to the point where they were ready for an official release?

The goal was to get all of the collaborators who worked on these tracks with Tim and have them complete the vision in which he had set out. These producers and songwriters were the ones who would know best, the ones who had actually sat in with Tim during the studio sessions and created with him.

It wasn’t going to be perfect (how could it be without Tim?), but they had to give it a shot. Those who participated in this project mention how it’s one of the most challenging things they’ve worked on.

The project, aptly titled TIM, has been completed and will be released on June 6 this year. The first single, titled “SOS,” will be released next week, April 10. Check out the video below that details the emotional story behind the project.