Awolnation – Sail (Slim Thugz Remix) + (Unlimited Gravity Remix) : Must Hear Indie / Electronic / Glitch Remixes

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Today I'm pleased to present, not just one, but two different amazing remixes to a catchy indie track 'Sail' by Awolnation. I've never heard of AwolNation, but now am definitely digging their sound and the lead singer's voice. There's a competition going on right now for remixing their track 'Sail', and one done by a a site favorite, Slim Thugz. Their the duo who brought you Sacred Swag, the Look at Me Now remix, and the Living Dreams EP. The first remix is by them and it's got their very well musically composed bass filled remix, starting off very chill, then the glitchy crunch kicks in. Next up is a remix from Unlimited Gravity, who's another Colorado native from the Mile High Sound Movement, hailing from Denver. It's got a simliar glitchy bass filled sound, but more massive bass. Can't determine which one I like more. Mentioned above, they are both entered in a Awolnation contest, click here to vote for Slim Thugz and Unlimited Gravity. Check out both, turn up the bass, comment below with which one you like more. Enjoy! 


This song has been requested to be taken down by the the artist and / or their copyright holder. Apologies for any inconvenience!