Axel Mansoor & Abhi The Nomad Take Critical Look At Childhood Racism In New Song “kids can be so stupid”


Axel Mansoor and Abhi The Nomad are two young artists with unique experiences that has led to distinctive and genuine visions for their respective music careers. Both artists come from multicultural backgrounds and lived in multiple countries before arriving in America, and their shared experience and musical styles has led to their collaboration “kids can be so stupid.” In this vulnerable song, Axel and Abhi look back at their “childhood bruises,” recalling the hurtful racism they underwent in their school days. Axel begins the song with sparse guitar to accompany his emotive and tender vocals. The tone quickly changes as the guitar ramps up and some bass begins to thump. Abhi comes in with an intense verse unlike one that we’ve heard from him, unleashing insightful and candid thoughts on the racism that so many kids face growing up and urging change.

Axel and Abhi have our props for stepping up to challenge an issue that often gets swept under the rug. Listen to the track in the stream below. Enjoy!

Axel Mansoor x Abhi The Nomad