Baauer Shares New Chill Trap Single “Candyman” [Free Download]

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Baauer has decided to kick off 2017 with a free release for the fans. The song, "CandyMan", bubbles with energy and hypnotic tones in the verse before smoothly transitioning into a chill trap drop with crisp percussion. Throughout the song, there's a modulated electric guitar that creates an ominous, dreamy vibe.

It's noted in the Soundcloud description that Baauer made this in the room for Fetty Wap when recording "Promises". UK imprint LuckyMe Records says the following:

"We have an original take of 'My Way' recorded over this beat. For months we hounded Harry to add it to the 'Aa' album and he made it into a full song. Harry took it off the album track list a couple months before release and we've been watching the YouTube comments ask for a release for months. So, here it is… Baauer one the best doing it."

Last year, he delivered his debut Aa album which ended up making our Top 20 Electronic Albums Of 2016 list. Looks like he's off to a hot start in 2017. Listen to "CandyMan" below and grab your free download!

Baauer – CandyMan | Download