Bag Raiders Craft Undeniable, Feel-Good Sophomore Album ‘Horizons’ + Interview

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Bag Raiders have a fresh new album on their hands we’re absolutely loving. After various singles they’ve dropped the anticipated sophomore album titled Horizons. The new 12-track effort comes via Island Records Australia and features fellow Aussie collaborators like Panama, Tory, The Kite String Tangle and Mickey Kojak. On this latest project, Bag Raiders put their signature sound on full display. The blend of acoustic and electronic elements is present throughout and they sound as great as ever.

Horizons captures a chill house while injecting colorful, vibrant melodies, funky basslines, dreamy vocals and an overall feel-good vibe. The vocals are a perfect compliment to the warm production as they craft an album that’s uplifting in the best way. We had the pleasure of catching up with the talented duo to chat about the project below so be sure to check out the interview as well as the impressive new album. Enjoy!

Bag Raiders – Horizons

Congrats on the album release! How does it feel to get your sophomore album out there?

It’s been a long time coming so it feels very, very good! So far people seem stoked on it so that’s even better.

What was your inspiration behind this new project?

It was such a long journey, so much has happened in our lives — musical and otherwise. The album was recorded in LA, Sydney, Europe, Hong Kong, on a tour bus in the American South, so many different places. I think the different travel, different scenery, all the experiences we’ve had on the road; it’s all in there somewhere!

Is there a particular song on the project you enjoyed making the most?

I keep coming back to “Anchor” because it was one of the most effortless ones. Same goes for “Medicine.” They were born from late night jams in our LA studio around the same time and finished within a matter of days (that’s rare for us!)

Did you approach this album differently than your previous works?

There was no plan to do things differently or approach things differently. But the way we work, every track has a different genesis, a different method. For us, that keeps things fresh. There’s no formula for making music and if even if you plan to write a song a certain way, it often takes a 90 degree turn at some point and ends up as something completely different.

What’s the most exciting thing right now for Bag Raiders?

Having the record out without a doubt! Like I said before, it’s been such a long time coming so it’s nice to step back and enjoy the feeling for a few days now.

Any recent new influences affecting you musically?

I’ve been listening to lots of ambient and instrumental music. Taylor Duepree, Felicia Atkinson, Felbm… Not sure if their influence is somewhere in our songs or not – you be the judge!

What can fans look forward to next?

We’ll be touring the record all over over the next year or so. Really happy to have new music to play to people around the world.