BANGER ELECTRO REMIX: The Beatles – Elenor Rigby (Thoko Remix)

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I've been sifting through the soundcloud dropbox, which is a great way for users to submit songs, and have been finding some sick songs in there. Today I've got a BANGER remix of a great song from The Beatles. The Dubstep remix of 'Come Together' by The Beatles is still one of the most downloaded songs on the site,  and so is B.o.B.'s remix of Elenoar Rigby. So I bet you guys will like this remix, it's almost an entirely different song though.  I almost would have wanted to hear a little more of the original parts in it. Regardless it bangs hard and is very sick. Thoko did a great job with sampling a classic and turning into a club hit. Give it a good listen through before judging, and enjoy!

Elenor Rigby (Thoko Remix) – The Beatles | Download


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