Baraka Drops Dazzling Downtempo & Chillout Album “The Shifting Horizon”


The music that Geoffrey Dean makes is an irresistibly cool blend of jazz and electronic influences. He goes by the name of Baraka and explores ambient and melodic soundscapes with a healthy bit of soul infused. Last week, he released a magical 13-track album The Shifting Horizon, and it’s a must-hear exhibition of his talents.

Baraka touched on many vibes on the record, weaving between genres and showing his vast portfolio of musical skills.One Summer’s Day” and “I Don’t Need To Tell You That It’s Over” feature bright, twinkling chords, while there are some moodier tracks like  “Do What You Want To” as well. His background as a jazz pianist shows in “For Another Day” and “Undertow”.

You can stream the album below! It’s perfect for an early morning/late night drive. Enjoy!

Baraka – The Shifting Horizon