Barclay Crenshaw Completes His Pivot With New Album, ‘Open Channel’

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Trying to pin down Barclay Crenshaw as an artist would be like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. He found prominence in the dance music world as the sound explorer, Claude VonStroke, and established one of the genre’s most forward-thinking labels, Dirtybird Records. 2022 saw Crenshaw sell Dirtybird to Empire Distribution and begin a pivot to something new, something connected to his musical roots.

Enter Open Channel, Crenshaw’s first album as… Barclay Crenshaw. He’s shed the old monicker, shed the old rhythms, but the fearless commitment to exploring the sonic spectrum remains. Dance floor stompers are traded for reality-bending bass, strut-worthy funk, some grime, and even a dash of pop. While the execution has taken a different shape, Crenshaw’s career commitment to sonic obscurities and eccentricities is culminating in its purest form.

Barclay writes,

“This is my passion, hopefully you can hear it in the music. I really wanted to start fresh with all the influences I grew up with, from James Brown to Dj Krust.”

This one’s for all the weirdos and the left-of-center lovers. Music is art, art is expression, and Barclay Crenshaw is truly an artist. Stream Crenshaw’s new album, Open Channel, below. Enjoy!

Barclay Crenshaw – Open Channel