Say Hello to Cashmere Cat’s Australian Brother Basenji with New Songs “Dawn” and “Tribute to the Cat” with Downloads : Sexy Downtempo / Chill Trap

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Though not much is known about this Cashmere Cat sounding Sydney native Basenji besides a fondness for eating almonds and riding his bike, but we do know his newest track "Dawn" will bring good vibes and a feeling of euphoria to your day after the very first listen. With a glowing endorsement from fellow producers worldwide, this Australian house track delivers a tropical breakdown of beats and percussion drops that will leave you fending for more. We also have his recent song "Tribute To The Cat", an ode to Cashmere Cat, the man responsible for this new wave of sexy sounding downtempo / chill trap  / whatever you want to call it sounding producers booming from all over. Stream the tracks below and grab the free downloads! Enjoy

Basenji – Dawn | Free Download | Alternate Download

Basenji – Tribute To The Cat | Free Download

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