baskets Transcends Boundaries on Otherworldly ‘ghost.’ EP

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While baskets might be new to the scene, they’ve already been making huge waves in the wave community. Coming together in 2020 to form the duo, Jarrod Misner and Johnny Lamon haven’t slowed down at all. After releasing banger after banger on Soundcloud for the last year, baskets is here with their sophomore EP, ghost., out now via Human Error// on all platforms.

The three-record project starts eerily with “revenant.”, boasting powerfully poetic female vocals that guide you through the introductory track. Soul-stirring “reincarnate.” pulls you back in for more, submerging you into moving melodies and granting you the space for introspection. In the second half, the same voice reappears, calling back to the previous song. ghost. concludes with something different in “revelation.” Drawing elements of drum n bass, the finale is more upbeat, providing a chilling yet somewhat optimistic ending to the reflective record.

While ghost. is short, this EP proves length has nothing to do with impact. And after listening to the poignant project, we’re sure this won’t be the last time you hear the name baskets. Enjoy!

baskets – ghost. EP