Bassnectar Announces Three-Night Event “Freestyle Sessions: Colorado”


From pioneering a new generation of dubstep to throwing his own festivals, Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, has been involved in a bit of everything. What he’s got in store now is something entirely unexpected.

Bassnectar is hosting a three-night experience called “Freestyle Sessions: Colorado.” Taking place in Broomfield’s 1stBank Center, Freestyle Sessions promises to be something unique from Bassnectar’s typical live shows. He changes things up from his previous Colorado shows at Red Rocks and Bass Center as he tells fans,

We are taking over a room in Colorado, removing the stage, building a little dj booth for various humans to jam out inside of, while you can get lost in the crowd….don’t try and record the moment. don’t sit at home and watch this on youtube, come experience it live, the way dance parties used to feel, the way house parties feel, the way it feels to be out in the middle of nowhere just vibing on good sound. – Bassnectar

Freestyle Sessions will encompass several different genres of music including acid jazz, trip-hop, funk, hip-hop, bass music, unreleased tracks, and more. Bassnectar seems pretty hush about what these nights will truly entail, and it sounds like we’ll need to be there to find out. The events take place July 7-9. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10AM here. We hope to see you there and enjoy!