Bassnectar Multi Day “Bass Center” Camping Festival 2016 Details Leak

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Bassnectar is a man that needs no introduction. Known for bringing one of the most epic live audio and visual experiences to his live sets, Bassnectar has played just about every notable festival and club across the globe such as the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, where he has effortlessly sold out multiple dates for years. Earlier this year though, Lorin encountered a contentious dispute with the venue after they imposed lower decibel levels. The producer made sure to voice his frustration via twitter, making it clear he would never return to Red Rocks after the noise reductions and even going as far to say that, "Other than ambient music or rock, the venue is a bust sadly." He also sent out a mysterious tweet regarding a possible solution to the problem, stating: 

"There will be no Red Rocks shows of any decent volume in 2016. They are gonna lower their DB level even more. We have other plans for CO ;)"

Now we have a even more exciting information about what exactly he was talking about. Bassnectar's website accidentally published an article that has news of his first ever multi-day festival, and a camping festival at that. An article that was set to go live at a later date covered a new Bassnectar chocolate bar. In the article it mentions the fact that 5 winners will be chosen to win VIP tickets to 2016's Bass Center. But it also says it will include "camping," making us believe Bassnectar has created his very own festival.

"To make it even more fun, we have a special surprise for 5 lucky chocolate lovers. Hidden inside 5 of these bars are Golden Tickets, each offering free weekend admission to next year’s ‘Bass Center 2016’ (2 full weekend VIP passes, plus camping) …more info to follow on that!"

He has thrown a handful of Bass Center events in the past, but none that have included camping. Does this mean that the petition started last year, which asked for a 3 day camping festival in Colorado, has finally been answered? We'll be sure to keep you updated! We have to admit that things are pointing in that direction, Lorin himself didn't even shy away from the mistake, see his exciting tweet below.

Schwilly Wonka getting a little too freestyle with the website… Stay tuned for the official announcement of #BassnectarChocolate Monday🍫❤️

— bassnectar (@bassnectar) December 7, 2015


Grab your Bassnectar chocolate here

Update: The hype has come to fruition with the official full line up announcement of the event!

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